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Bampton and the Lowther Valley is a brilliant area for walking. Obviously, there's Haweswater just four miles down the road, but right here in the village there are plenty of options, if you fancy taking a stroll nearby.

You can head uphill (turn left just past the red phone box, famous from the cult film Withnail and I) to The Howes, where the land is open access (ie you can stroll wherever you like), and you can get views across the valley and down into the village. It's also a great place for spotting wildlife – the gorse bushes are full of nesting birds in spring and summer, and red squirrels and hares can be seen here. And don't forget to look out for the two resident Nordik ponies – they're very placid and friendly!

Wander at your leisure, following the tumbling stream, looking for waterfalls, and you're bound to find a spot for a picnic.

Another lovely walk that can be done from the village itself is along the river, with a couple of options for which way to go. On the water you can often spot dippers, mergansers and goosanders, and you might even be lucky enough to spot a kingfisher – or, who knows, if you're exceptionally fortunate, you might even see an otter!

From the village, you'll come to a small footbridge – it's very bouncy! – and here  you can choose to cross the bridge, then heading up towards Knipe and coming back down through Bampton Grange; or you can continue to the left of the river, coming back to the village along the road. 

Lowther estate

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